I had a weird experience this morning.
A few of my friends are organizing a reunion for our school. After 10 years we are scattered all over the place – so they contacted all the people for whom they had e-mail addresses and asked them to forward it to some of the people they were still in contact with. When I fired up my e-mail this morning I found this e-mail (it is crude so if you’re easily offended don’t read – also I’m translating from Afrikaans)

F…k you all

Just because I didn’t pass our senior year, you decided not to invite me to your unoriginal barbecue. Who’s going to stop me from coming? I will be there with my sister and our 7 kids. We will spit on your barbecue and will burn down your jumping castle. It will all end in ashes….

This is the same guy who told us in middle-school : “I don’t play with kids, I make them.”
Nothing changed ….