I met up with an old friend today. We ‘accepted’ Christ at almost the same time – I walked into the life of ministry he studied psychology. He lives with his girlfriend and in the first five minutes of our conversation apologized profusely. A few months ago the two of them went to a church service, it was his girlfriend’s first. The whole service was designed around premarital sex – that it’s wrong. She decided that she’ll never do the church thing again.

He is experiencing an awakening in his journey with God and needs a place to work out how to read the map a traveling partner. He yearns for a place where he can have long dialogues about Christ and how He can make a difference in everyday life. We discussed the modern reduction of the gospel and its effects on people – accept Jesus yahoo now you’re going to heaven, just wait to die – we unpacked a little of what it means to be swallowed in the tidal wave of God’s Kingdom.

It highlighted to me how irrelevant church without a forum for dialogue is. People can’t be boxed into a forty five minute of mass direction. Sure it works sometimes but not all the time.

I’m so excited to be available for listening, asking questions and reflecting and prayer. It’s a pleasure.