A few years ago Lollie and I went on a retreat with a man we respect a lot.  When he invited us we imagined a few days of frantic note taking – a time of knowledge flowing into our heads.  Early in the morning we drove to Denver, filled with excitement and anticipation.
Upon our arrival, our friend invited all of the retreatants to sit in a circle.  He explained to us that the retreat’s agenda would consist of three items.  The first one was a four hour block of time.  He asked us to find a silent spot and ask God to reveal to us how we see Him.  He quoted Tozer’s famous quote:

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is
the most important thing about us…"

I remember thinking to myself that four hours seems to be a loooooong time for a question like that.  I was wrong.  During those four hours I realised that I saw God as a manager at a travel agent.  I felt like the clerk working in the front desk.  My days were consumed by organizing trips for other people.  I felt like God was the stern manager who didn’t want me to go to the destinations I sold others.
On a cold Denver morning God told me to go, to go to the destinations I told others about.  It was a good day.

Now, three years later I’m reminded of this on almost every Thursday.  On Thursday’s I do sermon preparation in a coffee shop that’s next to a travel agent.  In fact I’m typing this with the advertised specials a hand breadth away.  Every now and then someone  bends over my table to see the fares to different destinations.  When I sit here I remember that Jesus calls me to go, to come with Him.