Over the last week God has taught me a lot about Himself through Tayla. 

On Wednesday we took our precious daughter to the doctor for her immunization.  Lollie and I prepped our little one’s legs with a special mix.  When we got to the nurse we were nervous (Lollie and I).  Tayla was as happy as can be.  A few minutes later the sister produced the two needles with the medicine and Tayla got a shot in each of her legs.  She cried.  The sister immediately took her keys and shook it vigorously in front of Tayla’s face – ahh the power of distraction.  She calmed.  Later in the evening our precious child cried of the pain.  It was hard for us, but we knew that the immunization was good for her.

When i reflected on the experience, I realized that I also get shots from the Father.  Sometimes He allows things in our lives that are painful but good.  Our Father is perfectly good and he will always do what’s best for us.  Yet the things that actually are best for us might not always correspond with what we think is good for us.

The other incident took place over the weekend.  Early on Saturday morning (2:00am) i fed little Tayla.  As I picked her up, I felt a liquid substance flowing down my arm.  When I inspected her back, I realized that she had a serious crap attack.  She soiled herself totally (all the way up to her back).  She lay in a pool of poo.  As I cleaned her and prepared a clean environment for her, it dawned on me: this is the exact thing Jesus does for me, every day. Although we grow older and become more sophisticated, we still soil ourselves – that’s why we need a Savior!