In numbers and entertainment we trust!
I found this article on the megachurch via Josh Sargent via Christdot, what do you think of this?

Bob Russell, the pastor of Southeast Christian, talks of a world that is getting worse. Christians feel a need for a greater strength he explains – and there is strength in numbers.
Southeast Christian is the place to be seen in Louisville, it’s the place to meet the leading local politicians, to make business contacts. It’s the country club of religion.
So successful is this religious country club that they take in $500,000 in donations every week. There’s even a police escort for the collection.
There are ambitious expansion plans that will cost more than $30m. The church is buying or putting in bids for every scrap of land around. They even have the equivalent of a chief executive. He moved here from the company that owns Kentucky Fried Chicken. Now he is marketing God, not chicken wings.