Incarnation. A theological word. A concept we take for granted. God living among us, drinking our water, breathing our polluted air, sharing in the uneasiness of our lives, what a blessing that is. He understands us!

We lived in the United States for the past three years and now we are back in Africa. Africa is different from the States. In a lot of ways – shapes, thoughts, ideologies, methodologies. We want to live life incarnate and understand what our people is all about. We want to discover our roots, delve through our history and by understanding build relationships that’ll redeem. It is hard not to impose our last three years on the people here – if we do that we will be total smucks.
The other day we had to go to the license office to apply for South African drivers licenses. The lady at the information desk told us to go to counter twenty. We walked over there not seeing the line of people waiting for their turn. When we walked to the window without waiting our turn the people sitting revolted. We apologized and took a seat. We struck up a conversation with our African friends who vehemently protested our skipping the line. They explained to us that they immediately thought we were thinking we are better because we are white. Conditioned by years of oppression they had flashbacks of being taken advantage of. We felt so humbled, that experience will make us sensitive to this very thing. We have a lot to learn.

We want to see and live a life incarnate, please pray for us.