One of the changes since Tayla brightened our lives is the way in which I look at people.  I try to imagine every person as a little Tayla.  Let me explain.  Tayla’s life is a mixture of a few essentials. When she’s awake and crying it can be one of the following:

  1. Hunger.
  2. Thirst.
  3. Dirty nappy.
  4. Wind.
  5. Alone.
  6. Ill.

Every person we meet has one of these needs.  Some people are hungry or thirsty and they need some kind of nourishment; maybe a word or a story or an example.  Other people are soiled with some recent sin, the stench follow them with the acute smell of fresh poo – they need someone to help change the mess.  Then there are those who have a serious case of trapped wind; they need to get something out but alas its stuck!  It may be a dream that needs to be articulated – or a new revelation that’s not quite worded to perfection.  The wind will release after a precise rub on the back ; the right question might just do the trick.  Sometimes people will cry incessantly ; the precise reason may be unknown, undiagnosed.  The only thing we know for sure is that the crying stops when the person is touched or cuddled; like a miracle.  Then there’s the ill person – they need healing and none of the above without medicine will help.