InfluenzaAVirusLollie and I are wiped out by influenza and bronchitis. On Thursday morning we were so ill that we had to phone our family to take us to the doctor. It was hard to be totally immobilized and not able to take care of each other. Usually one of us takes care of the other. Laying there in bed I realized how fortunate we are, we have a roof over our heads, a family that loves us, and the opportunity to see the doctor.

Lollie started feeling bad on Tuesday, the whole day she felt queasy and caved in on Tuesday evening. On the same day I ran a five kilometer and felt great, but at twelve ‘o clock that evening the virus caught up with me too. On Wednesday we self-medicated with a lot of vitamins and other immunity boosters, during the evening we coughed our lungs out and slept really bad. It was obvious that our self medication was misdirected and so we realized that we had to allow some seasoned eyes to check on us.

After the consultation we left with a brown bag of medicine and our road to healing began …

As I said on Monday; I’m in the process of training for an ultra marathon. I guess lesson number one would be : LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BODY SAYS. If you don’t you will, at best, lengthen the recovery time and, at worst, damage your body permanently! Keeping to a premeditated exercise plan will not always work out for the best. It is true in the life with Christ too. We have to listen to our rhythms and realize that sometimes the most spiritual thing one can do is stop, pause, recuperate BE and take a nap. It might be best to stow the Bible away for a few days, or even weeks, maybe we need to wash our information overload away with long doses of silence. Maybe a Sabbatical from church is called for … Who knows? Here’s the second lesson I learned this week.

SELF MEDICATION IS NOT THE BEST OPTION. Sometimes we just need another set of eyes. Preferably a set of older eyes that has seen and endured the season we’re shouldering. Someone who won’t patronize nor ignore, a person who will emphasize but not paralyze; someone who will stick with us in seasons of illness and energetic health; we need people like that. We need to grow into people like that and that’s why we have to endure and over time maybe we will impart.