Earlier today someone we know invited us to a meeting where she wanted to share some exciting proposal with us. When we asked, last week, what it was she only responded that it was a secret but very exciting. Reluctantly and with some curiosity we organized to go this morning.

Upon arrival we were greeted by her and a gentleman we’ve never met before. She excused herself for a few minutes and said that she would join us later. The gentleman asked me and Lollie some question pertaining our education and our line of work. It was clear to us that he was briefed on our lives.

With the pleasantries out of the way, he proceeded telling us about a wonderful business opportunity. With some powerpoint slides he launched into a monologue where some phrases were repeated. “My dad never taught me that” being one of the phrases. With a sudden force of recognition I realized that we were in for another AMWAY / Network 21 session and that the daddy phrase was lifted from Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich dad, poor dad.” With phrases like “recurring income”, “pro-sumer”, “pipeline” and “anyway money” he tried to persuade us to turn our friendships into business opportunities. “But remember you’re really helping them to realize their dreams”, the gentleman said.

So there we were. Stuck for an hour and a half with a man we’ve never met because we trusted our friend.

I’m thinking how much this experience reminds me of all I dislike about evangelism …