It has been more than a week since our last blog! The last week has been hard. It is difficult not to have your own place – a place where we can crash and just be ourselves. We are staying with our parents and we are really grateful for that, but nothing beats your own place.

Our friends Slimer and Adel gave us their timeshare at Magaliespark, and we will be there from today to Thursday. We will take our time to pray for wisdom. We have three options before us:

1. Join a church in Alberton, the town where Lollie grew up. The church has 700 members.
2. Join a church in Roodepoort, they are 300 strong.
3. Start our own church.
(4) Whatever God might be brewing behind the scenes.

Please pray for us as we seek God’s face.
Our lives a totally out of rhythm (you can gather that from our irregular blogs) this week will be ‘operation discover an organic rhythm’.

On a total different note. Internet access in South Africa reaaaaalllllly sucks. I’m using dial up and I usually have a book next to the computer, I read it while the pages slowly appear. I guess I’m going to acquire some patience.