It is amazing how easy we can adapt. Give us some time in a certain environment and we morph with the environment. It starts with a challenge and then we meet it – surviving. After years of living this way we become so accustomed to ‘survival mode’ it’s second nature!

I remember when we came back to South Africa for the first time after being gone for six months. In a certain way we were shocked! In America people live a safe life. Safe in terms of your house, your car, your life – people live without extreme security devices. In South Africa we live with extreme safety measures. For six months we lived in a city where you locked you car with a key and that was good enough, In SA you activate an immobilizer (cutting off the petrol), an alarm, you slide the gear-lock into place and then leave your car! For six months we experienced something that’s not ‘normal’ for South Africans and we lost some of our survival skills.

Now we are back for good and we are morphing, being safety minded is once again second nature. Last night I looked at our safety measures and I started to think about the lengths we go to protect our physical and material things. I wondered what about our spiritual lives? Should we not take as much care of that? I suspect the answer is yes.

In Proverbs 4:23 we read: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do.”

We have to guard our hearts above all else. I want to do a show and tell on how we are guarding ourselves physically in Africa.

This picture shows the keys I have to carry with me in my day-to-day use. The left console with the red button is the remote to open my parent’s electric gate. The remote with the two blue buttons is the anti-hijack remote for the vehicle. Once you’re in the vehicle you press that button and it locks down the whole car. If a robber forces the car open, it cuts of the petrol causing the car to cease. It also activates a tracking system that notifies the authorities. The remote with the green and blue button opens the electric gate at Lollie’s parents.

This is the gate at Lollie’s parents. The remote opens the gate. On top of the gate you’ll find electric fencing. Ready to bless a perpetrator with an 110v shock.

This is Spunky and Shasha – the dogs that will get you if you manage to get over the electric fence and through the gate. They are actually very loving dogs and won’t hurt a fly. But in the security business image is everything! These two do the job.

Now Scripture tells us to guard our hearts more than anything. We are going to great pains to guard ourselves here in Africa. I’ll have to meditate on what it will mean to guard my heart to the same extent. Maybe you have some thoughts?