As I’m facing the realities
of South Africa I’m more convinced than ever that Jesus is the smartest being
who has ever been on earth.  This
past few days I’ve been listening to the gospel of Luke and Jesus strikes me as
absolutely brilliant.  His ways are
truly fragranced with a revolutionary kind of love.  It reeks of subversion and creates streams of inclusiveness
that everyone is invited into. 
Those who are excluded are so by choice.

This week I had the
privilege of being in a group discussion where we talked about the colonized
versions of South African theology. 
As a springboard we used Steve Biko’s address “
The church as seen by a
”.  I would highly recommend
this essay for my South African brothers and sisters. [For the next few posts I
will unpack this essay]

Biko gave this address as a
young man to a group of clergy.  He
starts by stating his position as a young man and as a layman.  This combination makes the essay potent, he stated that,

An attempt
to close the generation gap is always fundamental in the re-examination of any
hitherto orthodox situation which seems to be fast becoming obsolete in the
minds of young people. Also important, is the need to make common the concept
of religion, especially Christianity, understanding of which is fast becoming
the monopoly of so-called theologians.

Who are the non-professional
young people we’re listening to? Are we creating language that is so specific
that it leads to cottage industry theologians who recreate language in order to
write books and go on the speaking circuit?

Now think of Jesus in this

In Luke 2 we find Jesus in
the temple as a young child.  He is
dumbfounding the professionals of his time.  Asking questions and giving answers He WOWS them. 

This, as I said previously,
became for Jesus a controlling metaphor for the kingdom life.  Becoming a child and surrounding one
with children.  This metaphor opens
up the womb of relearning and re-imagining of being in a state of perpetual
hunger and searching.

Also think how Jesus busted
down the theological monopolies of His time.  In Luke 10 we find an exuberant Jesus proclaiming that,

praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these
things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes,
Father, for this was your good pleasure.”

Jesus is brilliant.