Today was an interesting day.
Trevor and I went for a run, walked through the Garden of the Gods and then drove to Denver to meet with Howard Baker, a friend who was a lifeline when we lived in Colorado Springs. Trevor, Howard and I had some good food (and beer) as well as good conversations on spiritual formation.
As we left Howard gave us a copy of his book “The one true thing”.
So far I read the dedication (which made me cry) and the last page with the publisher’s advertisement (which made me laugh). First Howard’s dedication,

Cody and Keely

There are many who have the fading delight of being an author,
But I alone have the lasting joy of being your dad.

What is writ small on the pages of this book about
The One True Thing
Is writ large on the pages of your lives.

You are evidence that lives are more reliable witnesses
To Jesus than books.

So far I’ve reread that passage three times – twice with other friends. It elicits something deep within me, an aspiration of sorts.

The last page is such a paradox to the first page (and it has nothing to do with Howard). In capital letters it states:


This caption is followed by a selection of three books. So I wondered how it would work. Would one find content reading only one? Or will it take the second one and the third one? This little incident, for me, highlights the paradox of the publishing industry and their philosophy of sowing discontent to sell content.

As I drove back to Colorado Springs I enjoyed some silence.
I looked at the mountains and took a trip down the three year memory lane strewn with the people and food (like Chipotles) that crossed our paths.
When I got into Colorado Springs I mustered all my courage and switched the radio to one of the local Christian stations.

It started with a worship song.
Then a barbeque competition brought to you by Wall Mart with the opportunity to win 100 diet Pepsis
An offer to get credit from FREEDOM financial services “who specializes in mortgages”
A persuasive reason to buy a Hyundai from the local dealer
And lastly an invitation to get healing … at the newly built state-of-the-art hospital
Buying a High Definition TV – so that you can watch the Olympics in style
Followed by another worship song.

The station advertise themselves as “100% safe for the family”.

It’s Jesus wrapped in an American flag.
In South Africa the challenge is Jesus wrapped in a South African flag.