Jesus and my bike

After a 3-month hiatus – I rode my bike to work today. I noticed so much more than when I’m cruising in my auto! Construction and changes, new buildings and signs – people and animals always there yet they don’t enter through the thick crust of my hurry-conditioned mind. I smelled the scent of the oncoming spring – some dog crap I rode in (just joking) and the cement of a foundation being laid.

Last year I went on a fast – an automobile fast. It was amazing; I was forced to relinquish my right of control. One day I rode my bike to Barnes&Noble and a huge Colorado thunderstorm started it’s menacing activities. I was stuck for 3 hours – forced to just be there. My first response was bitching and moaning after which I repented and relished in the gift of just being. I’ll do the fast again this year – do you want to join me?