We studied Matthew 25:31-46 today.  It’s the famous passage where Jesus divides the goats and the sheep.  The sheep go into the kingdom because they fed the hungry, clothed the naked, gave water to the thirsty, visited the sick, gave housing to strangers and visited prisoners.  Jesus then says that when they did the above things they did it to Him.
The passage is about Jesus in disguise.  Jesus camouflages Himself in thousands of ways – everyday we encounter Him in some way or another.  Last night I encountered Him as a nine year old boy begging in the pouring rain.  I just returned from Nando’s where I got some takeaways for me and Lollie.  I had a bag with eight pieces of chicken.  The boy was Jesus hungry – I gave him a drumstick.  Today I wonder how many times I ignore Jesus in my Johannesburg lifestyle.