In anticipation of Tayla’s coming, Lollie and I are reading a lot of literature on babies.  One of the interesting things is that little babies really enjoy black and white drawings for the first few months.  According to the books its better to not introduce the 250 million pixel pictures.  Over time babies enjoy colour pictures.

Over the weekend we studied Peter’s confession that Jesus is God.  Jesus asks his disciples who the people think He is and then He asks them who they think He is.  In the Palestine of Jesus’ day there were a lot of expectations concerning the Messiah.  Some wanted a Messiah who would free them from Roman oppression – others wanted someone who would alleviate hunger and poverty.  Yet some others searched for a moral Messiah.  Jesus gauges the expectation of the crowd and the disciples.  Peter gets it right – if only for a few moments.  He then projects his scewed expectations on the Messiah.

We discussed that our expectations of Jesus and our picture of Jesus changes all the time.  When I accepted Christ I needed a Savior.  Later I recognized Him as Teacher, and later as Friend.  That beckons the question, "should our picture of Jesus change as we grow in our faith."  Someone in our group said that when you ‘accept Christ’ it’s like a black and white drawing of Jesus – the kind that babies like.  As we grow in Christ the stick drawing fills with colour and texture.  We all strive to see the 250 million colour version, and that will take a lifetime!