Imagine this:

You walk into a house that’s beautiful. After “ooh” and “ah” echoes from your mouth onto the expensive walls, you talk to the realtor and ask him the selling price; he informs you that the house is amount X. Now the problem with amount X is that it’s $30 000 over your budget – so you tell him that. The realtor gives you the stock answer (you’ve heard it uttered by the same kind of specimen at least thirty times),

“You know you can make a low offer, you never know, I’m obliged to present every offer.”

After giving a fake smile, you give him your details and walk out. Arriving at your car, you discover that your battery went flat … You ask your wife to get behind the wheel and try to run-start the vehicle, without any success. Lucky for you the realtor comes outside for his smoke break and you summon him to help. You and the realtor work side by side to get your flat car to go. The cheap-physically-weak-buyer next to the eager- willing-to-present-every-offer-realtor.

Now back to reality:

The above scenario is exactly what happened to me on Sunday … and God works in mysterious ways.