"Walk" is the way the Christian community lives in the world. Wherever Christians find themselves-alone or with other believers-a Christian social difference is manifested there. Communities of those who are born anew and follow Christ live an alternative way of life within the political, ethnic, religious, and cultural institutions of the larger society." Miraslov Volf (in this essay)

Over the weekend we studied Matthew 9:9-13, the famous passage where Jesus hangs out with some reputable sinners, you know, people like you and me.  We had some deep and intense struggles with the passage.  Subjects like, do we exclude ourselves when we hear Jesus’ statement : the healthy don’t nead the doctor only the sick became mirrors showing the Pharisee within.  Last night we gathered, as we do in our community, at a local coffee shop.  Our discussion revolved around two main subjects:

1.  How do we thwart the Pharisee within?
2.  How do we build a life that reaches out?

Halfway through the evening we discussed the problem of having a "us" and "them" attitude – you know the kind of thinking that puts you on top and the others in the crapper.  One guy, who was there for the first time, spoke and said, "I’m an atheist".  He then shared how his friend who was also there, picks him up for work everyday and how much that means to him.  "Keep on doing the small things; that’s what count", he said.  Walking.