Lanes Merging.

We were in the United States for three years; detached from our homeland and the rhythms of our friends and acquaintances. Our lives are merging again. Everyday we see someone familiar, our brains start to process the face open the folder with the name and then we start the greetings. It’s fun. The cobwebs over years of rhythms are clearing up. The week of our arrival we felt like strangers – roads that were frequented on a weekly basis looked strange. It’s different now.

Three years change a lot of things, people and relationships. A few of our friends now have beautiful children. The ‘new’ parents are constantly showing of these new additions. We smile, congratulate and listen to endless chatter about feeding and sleeping and viruses and such things.

This morning I had my accountability breakfast with a friend. I saw an acquaintance of three years ago …. With another man! Yet another divorce – a string of them in the last three years. It saddens us. We sometimes wish we can go back three years and prevent these ugly breakups!

As I’m typing this I’m seeing one of my favorite books on marriage in the bookshelf, Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. The premise of the book, what if marriage was intended for our holiness and not our happiness?

I wonder what will happen in the next three years?