Las Vegas is probably our least likeable city in America.  We’re only passing through it and I’m writing this post at Gate D37, in a few minutes we’ll leave for Los Angeles and then go on to San Luis Obispo.  Vegas has always been a metaphor for me on the different ways people approach wilderness.  In 2000 Lollie and I left the beauty of Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon to catch a connecting flight here – it was horrible.  Some people look deep inside and wrestle with God – others look deep into the void and then they build a casino and create spaces to feed addictions.  Vegas is a sad place – a dark ‘entertainment’ ville for people not willing to live with the tensions of wilderness.

Lollie and I already had some unique experiences on the plane and in the airport.  Those include a man with half an ear, the nineteen year old who drank 2 beers each, some Jack Daniel shooters all before 9am, the caffeine shaking Microsoft employee trying to fix a customers problem while we’re listening to him and a homeboy listening to aggressive rap over his ipod.

A few minutes ago we sat in the Colorado Springs airport looking at Pikes Peak, now we’re looking at mostly old people exercising their pulling muscles on the slot machines.  A lot to process while we’re waiting for our flight!