Last night we were at our Spiritual Formation class and it was great. Howard Baker teaches the class – if you live in Colorado then you should seriously consider doing the class! Click here for info!
We studied discernment and I discovered Vincent (not Lombardi). While I was listening i was thinking how different it would be if we use these principles for meetings in churches and families?

Here’s some “helps” from him for making decisions:

1. We seek to be formed in the likeness of Jesus. Jesus is our model. We must spend time with him in consistent prayer. We regularly reflect on his actions (in scripture) and on the cross. We observe how he thinks, acts, chooses and let his way become our own.
2. We do what is in front of us. The Jesus who is hungry, thirsty, “in need” is not somewhere else. He is here. The work that we are called to do is right in front of us if we pay attention.
3. We choose the little and the ordinary and distrust the grand schemes.
4. We avoid concentrating on our sins and our failures. We keep our attention always focused on Jesus.
5. We know that God acts in a quiet and loving manner. We do not try to draw attention to ourselves or make a “lot of noise” about what we’re doing.
6. We practice moderation in everything. “It is a ruse of the devil, by which he deceives good people, to induce them to do more than they are able, so that they end up not being able to do anything. The spirit of God urges one gently to do the good that can be done reasonably, so that it may be done perseveringly and for a long time”
7. We put in place the organization and the structures that makes it possible for us to do our work.
8. We act on what we hear in prayer – make practical resolutions. We leave Christ in prayer to go to Christ in the poor.
9. Our love is affective and effective. True charity includes both arms.
10. “Human success” is not the measure of whether our choices are right. We follow the humble Jesus who was ridiculed and abandoned.

What do you think?