Sunday was an amazing day at our community. Eddie’s church (who we visited a few months ago) joined us for the worship service. It was an amazing experience. They were an hour late due to some transport issues. Even this part was good for us, especially in the spirit of advent with its distinct command of waiting and preparing for a coming.

As we waited the expectation grew and when they arrived we had an amazing time of worshiping by singing. If you’ve never had contact with black African Christians then you should know that they can sing! Our singing was amplified in an amazing way and during the singing they taught us a Zulu worship song.

After the sermon we divided into small groups and shared stories of our lives. This was followed by praying for one another. One of the comments that really struck me was by a man called Daniel. He said that before today he thought that there was a God for the whites and a God for the blacks. He told some of our people that as we were singing and praying together he realized that we serve the same God!

When we prayed there were a distinct difference between the requests from our congregation and Eddie’s congregation. In my group they asked for : jobs, two operations, food and prayer for a son that was stabbed and lost his sight. These prayers show desperation and hints towards survival. Our prayers were for rest and good holidays. More than one of the Kleipot community commented on the difference.

It’s our sincere prayer that God will be with us on this journey.

Here are some pictures of the day: