A few weeks our family hung out at Wimpy (for our non South African friends Wimpy is a fast food restaurant). We like going to Wimpy because the kids love playing in the tunnels. At some Wimpy’s they have child minders looking after the children. They have their hands full with tens of toddlers running around the playground. While Lollie and I sat in peace one of these ladies came to us with tears in her eyes. She then told us that she wants to thank us. She shared how one of the children shouted at her and called her a dog and how Liam (our three year old) challenged the boy who called her a dog. He said to the boy, “she is not a dog, she is a human”.


We were really proud of him.


Liam’s name was inspired by the life of William Wilberforce who was one of the main abolutionists against slavery. Liam, which is derived from William means, “protector” and “strong willed”.

I pray and hope that Liam will continue to be a champion of the humanity of people.

And he inspires me to do the same.

To have the guts to say, “… he/she is a human”.