This morning in the car we had a worship wars of sorts. It all started when I asked the kids if they want to pray. Tayla responded with a song. Halfway through her song-prayer Liam objected, “that is not prayer”. Tayla was upset that Liam interrupted her. What followed was a surreal representation of the fights that were so endemic in the nineties. Tayla persisted that singing is a valid form of prayer, Liam continued with a staunch defence of prayer as speaking. The car became a teaching space for tolerance. I explained to the kids that when we pray we connect and communicate with Jesus who is love. If prayer by singing or just by words doesn’t make us more loving then we should rather not pray. I also tried to explain to them that we can pray in different ways. Speaking, singing and today I introduced to them praying through silence. After a brief pause of silence Tayla asked me, “so when are we going to pray?” I am more convinced than ever that parents have a sacred opportunity to teach children the language of creative spirituality. Having a worship war in the car between a six – and four year old is acceptable. When it rears it head amongst adults it is not so endearing.