I’m in the process of preparing myself and our congregation for the season of Lent.  A ‘forty days of purpose’ that predates even Rick Warren!  I found some pretty interesting links,  one of them is by the wonderful people at Alternatives for Simple living.  They have a forty day focus on the theme of hunger.  Here’s the introduction to the study,

"I’m just one person. What can I do about the problem of hunger? The food security crisis is so complex, so overwhelming, that I am paralyzed by its immensity. It can’t be done," I often think.

But there are many things we can do, and if every person of faith in North America (I would add the first world) would do some of these things, the world would move a long way toward healing hunger in the world. Try as many things suggested in this calendar as you can, and you will become an important part of the healing process.

Growing up as a protestant kid, I basically grew up with a blindspot towards the Churh’s rich liturgical tradition.  Two years ago was our first Ash Wednesday and it was hilarious, you can read the account here.  If you haven’t observed the season of Lent – I invite you to join the millions who do.