Liam started walking this week.  Yesterday he showed off his new skill.  We hung out at a restaurant next to a crafter’s market.  It had a double storey.  Five Zulu women saw Liam and started to cheer when he stood up and took his tentative steps.  The adulation of the crowd fueled him to bigger things and eventually he gave thirteen steps.  As he was cheered, he became more audible.  He waved his arms wildly and screamed with excitement.  When it started to rain his grandmother pulled him out of the elements and he started screaming and protested with every one year old fiber in his being.  He immediately crawled back and performed in front of his admirers.  His performance lasted almost twenty minutes.

It was one of the clearest examples of how we dance to the applause of an audience.  Liam’s audience were these five precious women.  All of us have an audience.  A famous phrase in Christian circles is ‘having an audience of One’ – I think it is Kierkegaard who coined it.