It’s hard for me to just be in the moment.  We’re almost at the end of our American adventure and already my mind’s drifting towards Africa.  Some of it is natural, like when you haven’t eaten for several hours and your mind conjures images of food.  Unfortunately not all of my thoughts are like that.  I’m finding that I’m missing a lot of life by always thinking on the moment beyond the one I’m in.
Yesterday was one of those perfect Californian days – the air was pregnant with expectancy.  A slight on-shore wind produced some of the most perfect waves for surfing.  I missed the moment.  Instead of catching waves, I surfed the internet looking for another deal or purchase before we go back to South Africa.
Earlier this morning we went out to catch those perfect waves.  The only problem was that we were a day too late.  The waves was like a washingmachine and I wore a torn wetsuit.  In fact I renamed the suit a wet because there was almost no suit.  After my wave-beating I sat on the beach and read my Psalm for the day, it came from Psalm 90 where the Psalmist writes:

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom v12.