Today is mother’s day.  Although I’m not a big fan of commercial holidays (spot the paradox in those last two words), I think there is a time and a place for honoring one’s mother.  So today I’m thinking about the two women in my life; my mother and my wife.

It’s truly amazing to see what mothers unleash in their children.  Mothers create spaces and the good ones know how to fill those spaces with enough freedom on the one side, and enough protection on the other.  They create safe environments for expression and reflection.  Mothers also keep children alive, especially when food is concerned.  I’m constantly amazed by mothers’ ability to dish up new and fresh dietary ideas on a constant basis.  Most men would have standardized this process a long time ago!

During this last weekend Lollie taught a two day parenting course (which I would highly recommend).  So I hung out with the children.  It really was fun. And tiring.  It also confronted me again with how amazing it is that Lollie can play creatively with our children for most of the week (here is a link to an article she recently wrote).  Compared to my repertoire, she is the master. 
Mothers are really amazing.

Lollie you’re amazing.

I’m thankful to partner with Lollie in this wild adventure of parenting.