Lollie and I watched Terminator 3 today. It was pretty good, I think primarily because we had no expectations or hype to spoil the moment. We also bought a baby shower gift for one of Lollie’s friends. It’s interesting how our friends are moving into the getting babies faze. Will we follow soon?

Today the fine people at Ruimsig let us know that they really want us to apply for the position they have available. It will be decision time for us in the next few weeks. The decision has been narrowed down between starting/planting/founding a church or joining a church that was planted two years ago.

Over the weekend we will meet with fourteen friends for a barbeque to discuss a possible church plant. The meeting will be informal – all the people there know us but not necessarily each other. Our plan is to meet for four weeks and discuss a possible church plant, after the four weeks we will have a week of praying and fasting to hear what God says.

Not having our own place is still a challenge, our parents are great but nothing beats your own place!
Finding a car with our current budget also proves to be a challenge, we are definitely learning patience.
I’m really missing Colorado at the moment, the beautiful mountains – the carefree/safe surroundings and our wonderful friends. We will have to practice the sacrament of the present moment and be where we are. Have a good one.