Lollie is sick. She has been in bed from Monday. We took her to the doctor on Wednesday after we failed at curing her ourselves on Monday and Tuesday. Our doctor is really good – she is a pastor’s wife too.

I had a good lunch with a friend I haven’t seen for three years. We had a stimulating conversation about the Kingdom of God and how we can be part of it. During our conversation we noted how sad it is that a lot of people serve God in order to have ‘fire insurance’. A good person to have when we die.

Yesterday I visited with Slimer and we had a huge Wimpy coffee, out of nowhere he asked me: ‘are you a Kingdom now person?’.

I am. Jesus taught us to pray as Kingdom now people. And it makes a lot of sense in the context of His teachings in Matthew 25.

I’m having problems with Blogger, I’m pondering whether I should redesign the whole site?