Lollie returned on Thursday and our reunion has been sweet. I love my wife; she is my best friend and my lover. After salvation she is definitely the best thing that happened to me. My BL (Before Lollie) years can be described as a colorless, black and white ordeal. The AL (After Lollie) years are marked by being more courteous, organized, neat and having a better diet. She’s my highlighter. I’m glad she’s back.

She had a great time in Italy (I’ll let her tell the story herself).

We met with our group today and stated unpacking the “Kingdom of God”. During our time we discussed the difficulty of merging our kingdom with God’s. It’s hard. No wonder the cross is one of the most prominent symbols in the Christian journey. The cross – a torture instrument – opposed to the glittery, sparkling sterling adornment we now have around our necks. An electric chair would be a modern day equivalent. I wonder if we would have execution chairs around our necks in generation to come.

Tomorrow we leave for twelve days in Mozambique where we will join the ministry efforts of our friend Schalk. We will be in the town of Manica and will be one of twelve white people in a thirty thousand large town of blacks. Mozambique is one of the three poorest countries in the world. We will be available to God and people during our stay. Investigating how God might use our friends from Pierced in this setting is part of our plan.

On a more personal note: I’m battling through some fear issues,