A few years ago Lollie and I decided to step away from ministry that’s not conducive towards relationship. The kind that creates ‘superstars’ and ‘attenders’. I was extremely frustrated in preaching to people I didn’t know – people who could put me on some or other pedistal.
For the last few years we’ve been involved with a highly relational ministry. It has challenged and changed us. The reason why I tell you this is my surfing to christianitytoday.com’s site. The banner at the top proclaimed loudly that a particular ministry will (for a meager $12 per person) do background checks on the people who volunteer in ‘your’ church ministry:

“Conducting a background-check, in combination with other screening techniques, will go a long way to demonstrate that your church has been cautious in its selection practices. A background check is a valuable risk management and liability reduction tool. “

A sad indication of how the church has lost its genius of relationships!


James left some good thoughts/questions in a comment …