Earlier today I saw that Alan and Deb Hirsch linked to my ramblings on missions and sexuality (echurch also picked it up). You can follow some of the comments on their site here. I find it interesting that quite a few people have shared with me that the metaphor I employed here is shocking and cannot really be used with Christians. I wonder about this … do we still read books like Hosea and engage with a God who once described Jerusalem like this:

She [i.e. Jerusalem, who represents the Southern Kingdom of Israel] lusted after lovers who were hung like donkeys and ejaculated like horses.
~ Ez 23.20.

If Christians are so prudish that they can’t handle conversations about sexuality, then what will they do if they meet people (in their (e)mission) who don’t conform to prudish behaviors?

Many years ago I wrote a small piece entitled , “A new Spiritual Discipline! Boob grabbing and smoke reeking” that explores this.

A few months ago Lollie and I hung out with dear friends of ours. In the middle of our dinner the wife excitedly shared that she now knows what she can do to make the world a better place. In anticipation we waited for her to continue. She said, “I’m going to …….”

“Donate my eggs!”

“Tom and Lollie, you are Christians, what do you think about my plan?” she asked.

We told her that we’ve honestly never thought about this specific issue and asked her where she got the idea. She told us that she saw how much it meant to one of the characters in “Sex in the city”. This is part of the world outside of the Christian ghetto and frankly a place I feel more comfortable in than one where missions can so easily be defined by a personal morality where we use words like friggin.