More than numbers
I can’t hold it in anymore. Last week we had a great worship time at Pierced the community I am a part of. The first question we face from Woodmen (the megachurch that supports us) after a weekend is : HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE?
Here is a typical conversation:
Person from Pierced (PP): Wow we had a great service this weekend!
Person from Woodmen (PW): How many people were there?
PP: God worked in our midst and some people were stretched in their spiritual journey
PW: How many people were there?

Like a broken record, broken record, broken record. Big is better – if we have more numbers then God must be there! NOT!

In Run with the horses , Eugene Peterson wrote the following:
“Pling the Elder once said that the Romans, when they couldn’t make a building beautiful, made it big. The practice continues to be popular: if we can’t do it well, we make it larger. We add dollars to our income, rooms to our houses, activities to our schedules, appointments to our calendars. And the quality of life diminishes with each addition.”

Over Christmas we had 80 people at Pierced and the good people at Woodmen decided to report 180 in the attendance spreadsheet! Why?