Buying clothes is not one of my favorite activities.  I don’t like spending a lot of money on designer labels; actually I don’t like spending any money on them!  That’s why I switched to Mr Price many years ago.  Shopping at Mr.Price is really an easy process and I always thought their clothes were cheap.  That was till last week.  We took David and Shandu to Cresta, a mall close to our house.  Our community blessed them with some money to buy themselves new clothes.  I dropped them at the mall and picked them up after three hours.  I asked them to show me what they bought.  David had three items and Shandu only one.  All of their items were bought at Mr.Price.  They asked if they could go to downtown Johannesburg the next day because the clothes at Cresta (Mr.Price included) is just too expensive.  They were really wise with their money and didn’t want to spend it at the ‘expensive stores’.  I’m learning so much by hanging out with them!