Murphy’s Law: When you wash your car for the first time in three months – it will snow the next day. Yipee it is snowing! We really need the snow here in Colorado.

Today was a very interesting day. I had a two-hour meeting that was really hard. As I sat there I couldn’t help but wonder What would (not Jesus) but Charles Spurgeon say if he was in this meeting. Would he even understand what we are talking about? Terms keep flying around the room like an air show at the Airforce Academy – loud and impressive, yet after the show there is no lasting impression or result. Spurgeon would be confused and so am I. I kept on thinking, “Am I at a HP or IBM meeting?”

Here is some of the “verbal planes” that flew through the room:

– directors and supervisors
– spoiling the donor base for a later capital campaign
– vision statements and values
– staff
– it’s not either or/ it’s both and
– volunteers and lay people
– success matrix
– task forces

I was reminded of Eugene Peterson’s quote in the contemplative pastor:If I, even for a moment, accept my culture’s definition of me, I am rendered harmless.
I felt our meeting was petty and harmless (I did play a vicious game of solitaire though)