I have two black brothers. Please don’t be offended by the word black. In South Africa we use the word without any offense. In fact one of our funniest moments in America was when a person asked us if ‘we had a lot of African-Americans’ in Africa – the person couldn’t get himself to use the word black. We have a lot of African-African’s on our continent!

My two brothers are seventeen and thirty five and I’m meetings with them on a weekly basis. It has definitely been one of the highlights of my year. Ketlano (the seventeen year old) visited with me today. He told me how he was mugged on Sunday as he returned from the church service he attended. A man approached him with a gun and demanded that he hand over his possessions.

David is a pastor. He started a church in Venda (about three hours drive from Johannesburg). Four months ago he returned to Johannesburg. His poverty stricken community couldn’t provide a salary for him, so he’s in Jo’burg looking for a job to support his wife. It struck me that we have the same passion for God and ministry – the only difference is me being born into a middleclass white family.

I’m excited to see what God will do in and through me in developing these friendships.