Yesterday I spent time with a few people in their lunch hour. They gather for prayer on a Wednesday. All of them come from different Christian backgrounds and that reflects in their corporate praying time. Some pray silently, others pray out loud and another group prays in tongues. This kaleidoscope of styles, beautiful as it is, bump into one another every now and then.

So it happened that someone in the group expressed feeling uncomfortable when people prayed in tongues. The tongue speakers responded that when they offered the prayer to God, it has nothing to do with the other people. One of the participants said that, “When we go to church we go to worship God and Him alone, it has nothing to do with other people. If I want to speak to God then I have to follow the Spirit.”

I wonder what you think about situations like this?

Here in South Africa, meetings like the one mentioned above is a huge reality – not only are we facing huge race, language and socioeconomic differences, we also have so many streams of Christianity! It’s a huge challenge.