Our friends Tom and April are parents

Tom and April are the new parents of Ethan Ryan Hook. Tom wrote some awesome thoughts on the pregnancy stage:

Do you know what I think is amazing? God shows us so many things about himself through life’s cycles and situations. Why did God desire that a woman be
pregnant for 9 months? He could have made the woman in such a way that she gets pregnant and delivers a baby in a week. Why not, He can do anything He wants. And yet, I think He was trying to give us an example of our spiritual lives,
our sanctification process. Not only does pregnancy hurt, but it strips you of
what’s comfortable. You now have to think of more than just yourself when you
eat, when you sleep, when you walk, when you do just about anything. One day
you feel great. The next you can’t hardly keep yourself from crying. Being
pregnant can be a long trial. And yet it is filled with so much excitement,
anticipation and love. At the end of a 9 month period, all the work and labor
pains result in one of the most amazing miracles. A life. Doesn’t it remind you
of our walk with God in about a million ways?