Our trip from Jackson(Wyoming) took us through Yellowstone National Park. While freezing on a bench we watched ‘Old Faithful’ the geyser erupt into a magnificent cloud of water and steam. The drive to Missoula(Montana) was spectacular. Tomorrow we will head for Lakeside where we will visit with a couple that God graciously placed in our lives. Will tell all about it later…..

Today was Saturday – the in-between day. Imagine being a disciple on this day. Yesterday they crucified Jesus, all your hopes and expectations were scattered. They did not have the end of the story on Saturday – a privilege we do have. It must have been a pretty sucky Saturday for them. In a lot of ways we are living in Saturday, but keep good courage Sunday is coming! We will dance and sing because HE IS RISEN. But for now we can only think about the …what could have’s and the …. it was so cool when …..