A pilgrim, by definition is someone who is on the move; a traveller or a sojourner. Pilgrims travel light. They can’t afford to be bogged down by unnecessary possessions.
Being a pilgrim is one of the central themes of the Jesus narrative. Our life as disciples is one characterised by a journey – to borrow a phrase – it’s “a long obedience in the same direction”.

Unfortunately we all get bogged down.
We get stuck.
Stuff encumbers us.
It weighs us down to the point where we become static.
Pilgrimage comes to a halt.
Discipleship parks.
The dynamic call to follow becomes a sterile set of confessed doctrinal beliefs.
“Take up your cross daily” is de-assembled , and the wood is used to build a wood cottage.

Today, as Lollie and I go on vacation I’m reminded of this driving metaphor and its antithesis. The reason why I’m thinking about it is a particular shop at the airport. The shop’s name is Pilgrim and inside you can find absolutely nothing that will enable you to become a pilgrim, it will turn you into a settler. Maybe this store is an ominous warning for what the church has turned into?