It’s amazing how many times a day I have to plug things into an electrical supply.  My phone ranks at the top of the list.  The phone that I’m currently using is approximately four years old and therefore I year the dreaded beep of a flat battery at least once every other day. 
This has served as an apt reminder that I also need plugging in.  Jesus once said that man could not live from bread alone but from every word that comes from the Father’s mouth.  This nourishment is immensely important on this Christ-journey.  One of Jesus’ most repeated lines is "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand."Prop_2

This repentance is an awakening to the realm of God.  It’s a way of plugging into spheres of power (a person in the Christian tradition).  Without a daily discipline of plugging in I’ll find my life emptying to such an extent that the reservoirs will produce  next-to-nothing.  In the previous sentence I used the word discipline.  It’s not a popular word.  In fact most of us would rather live in the illusion of freedom from this word.  But the fact remain, this plugging in will not happen apart from grace worked out in discipline.  For most people this will look like some variation of the classic ‘quiet time’, usually containing Bible study and prayer.  In our community we would like to experiment with some of the other classic disciplines.  One of our elders have decided to conduct a "Dissipline Dinsdag" – Afrikaans for "Discipline Tuesday" – in our mother tongue it’s fun saying the word because of the alliterating "d". This is a fun way to experiment with disciplines like fasting, celebration, silence, guidance, repentance etc.  Once again this invitation is a way to create space for the Creator to whisper in our hearts and mobilize us to be healing in the world.  Personally I pray through the prayers of the Northumbria community and in the mornings I follow a liturgy from a resource of the Upper Room ministry.  Last year I used Sacred Space as a tool for plugging in.  Under this invitation I also place jogging.  Over the years I’ve found that it facilitates a space wherein I can connect with God.  My runs serve as a wonderful liturgy.  When I start and fatigue has not set in I usually find myself immersed in grandiose thoughts of mainly pride, it’s basically all about me.  As I tire I realize that I’m not some super-person and this natural step of humility creates a space for God. 

Do you have any thoughts you would like to share on  this invitation?