Means and ends are important.  Means/ the medium; has an immense impact on the ends / message.  Therefore, cultivating attentiveness to the small is done by the ordinariness of becoming ‘detectives of divinity’ in our daily lives.
After last night’s first session in the auditorium at the Renovaré International Conference I wonder about the means through which 2500 people are introduced to this particular spiritual formation conversation. 
What does it do to the message of spiritual formation when we teach the way of Jesus in a spectacle way?
How do we ‘train the eyes and ears’ when the worship band is singing and the stage lights are enlightening?

I also wonder …

How can we make the language of ‘spiritual formation’ available for people who are not used to the language of this movement?  How can we make this life plain enough so that a child can understand it, so that an educated person and an illiterate person can become friends and share formation.