After my heart attack I am relishing the gift of touch afresh. Touch is a huge part of being human and of having life. When people visited me it was touch that I appreciated. After bypass surgery you have to wear these stockings called TED compression socks. It is very girly and helps with my ego too. These socks allow for blood circulation and prevent blood clots; the toes can be opened for fresh air and it was one of my favourite things when people touched my toes.

While reading through Matthew I have noticed how many times Jesus touched people. The first time is when a leper approached Jesus and said that if Jesus wants to he can heal him. Jesus responds by touching him and saying that he wants to heal him. Can you imagine what gift it was for this man? For so many years he didn’t feel someone else’s skin close to his. In a sense Jesus healed him more than once!

It is this touching dimension that I am rediscovering. There is obviously an inappropriate touching, that is not what I am referring to. Touch is essential in order to be human.