It’s early Saturday morning and I’m supposed to do some sermon preparation, yet I find myself on a delightful detour. I decided to check out some posts I made on, specifically in June 2003.

“More than enough” by Passion is spinning on my CD player and tears are dropping on my keyboard – because God is more than enough for me … He satisfies me with His love and all I have in Him is more than enough.

A year ago Slimer and Adel (good friends of ours) gave us a week at their condo in Magaliespark. It was a difficult and uncertain time in our lives; you can read a pre-trip post here.

Yesterday, Lollie and I returned from Magaliespark. Stanis and Marlize (good friends of ours, and the guy who led me to Christ) gave us a week at their Condo in Magaliespark. Lollie and I didn’t know that we were at the same place last year! God is such a creative Architect.

In 2003 we prayed for four things:
1. Join a church in Alberton, the town where Lollie grew up.
2. Join a church in Roodepoort
3. Start our own church.
(4) Whatever God might be brewing behind the scenes.

It’s a year later and by the grace of our Leader – Jesus Christ, we formed a spiritual community – a church called Clay Pot Community. He deserves all the honour and folks He still answers prayer!

+++ God you are the best! You are the God who leads through the wilderness and guides to the Oasis. +++