And now back to blogging …

I’m realizing more than ever that life consists of relationships.  Sometimes it synchronizes perfectly at another time it’s a drunken dance, yet that’s still life.  There are times when my relationship with God spills with ease into my other relationships and then there’s the other time; a time when the shadows of my heart cause my eyes to see only darkness.  When I don’t connect with God everything goes out of sync. 

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of how easily we exchange the bliss of relationships for the quick-fix of information.  The temptation to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil still rings loud and tr…  NO false.  In our knowledge-flooded and wisdom-deprived society we have to fight to create structures that will facilitate relationships.  Unfortunately, most have given up on the fight and have no clue of what relationships are all about.  Jean Vanier explains,

“So many people enter groups in order to develop a certain form of spirituality or to acquire knowledge about the things of God and of humanity.  But that is not community; it is a school.  It becomes community only when people start truly caring for each other and for each other’s growth.” (Community and Growth)