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Pause – Reflect

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Grace Prayer

I desire to learn the unforced rhythms of Your grace

Becoming Fully Present

Pray the Lord's prayer - Slowly - Thoughtfully

Input (Bible, quotes, stories)

Read the following questions slowly, thoughtfully, and notice which of the questions causes the biggest movement in you:


Who is walking with you?

Who is the enemy that Jesus invites you to love and pray for?

Which of your gifts can be used to benefit others more?

How does God feel about you?

What is the condition of your heart at the moment?

How much do you invite God into your finances?

Help can you more actively build a hopeful South Africa?

What are you doing at the moment that helps you to draw near to God?


Reflection Questions

Which 2 questions spoke the most to you? Why do you think that is? Considering the questions that spoke to you, what do you sense God would like to communicate? Considering the questions that spoke to you, what action would you like to take? What is holding you back?

Training Exercise

MIDYEAR REFLECTION: Take 30min to yourself and have some coffee with God, reflecting on the following questions, asking the Spirit for deeper insight:

Where have I been faithful to God’s movement in me this year so far?

Where am I resisting what the Spirit is doing in me?

What is the role that worry played during the last few months?

What are some of the things I was particularly generous with?

Where am I witholding love or goodness?

Which relationships has been particularly life-giving?

Where have I wasted energy and time?

What has changed in me?

Where have I been a source of Hope?

What lesson am I learning this year so far?

Blessing for the week

May you respond in faithfulness and joy to God’s invitation to you at this moment. May you experience God’s new life and cooperate with the Spirit to bring about greater wholeness and fullness of life. Amen

Group Order of Meeting

We cannot live the Jesus life in Isolation - form a group and use this ...

You can download this week’s Order of Meeting HERE