I received a beautiful book in the mail. It’s called “Falling for God” by Gary W. Moon and it was signed with a nice message from the author. My good friend over at Waterbrook Press organized it, he’s a stud. The foreword by Dallas Willard is already worth the book’s price, Willard explains the kingdom life in these wonderful words:

“Such a life will never be imposed upon us, nor will it occur automatically. It doesn’t just happen to us, no matter how many wonderful church services we may attend. Though it is a gift, it does not come to those who are passive. It comes only in response to intelligent, informed, purposive, sustained and interactive relationship with Jesus now living in our world. That is why we are directed to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). Persistent, strenuous, and well-directed action is required. To that end, we need information: specific, down-to-earth directions on what to do. We need imagination: pictures and stories of what we will encounter along the path of growing to know Jesus better. We need persistence: the will to consistently stick to and apply the means to our goal. We need patience: a willingness to let the life we are living grow and take the wise course. And we need realism: a clear eye and a confidence that it’s safe and necessary to call things by their true name.” p.(ix)

On Saturday a bunch of us will get together for a learning party where we will discuss how to develop a God-honoring rhythm in Johannesburg. This will include the ancient disciplines but undoubtedly also geographic related practices. The quote above gives a great framework to work from … What do you think?

Well I’m off now – will have dinner with my wife, then our community prays together and then we’re watching Shrek2 with a bunch of our friends at Kleipot …