Sabbath. A beautiful word and a wonderful rhythm to live. Today is our first real Sabbath day in 2 months, we had a lot of friends and family visit from Africa – it was really fun but also hectic. Today I feel like my soul is breeding again, it is catching up with my body’s frantic pace. Time to play and pray – it is PRECIOUS.

Yesterday we hung out with 2 gold medal olympians at the OTC. We are working on a series in April at our community called Pierced, they will share their stories and we will share God’s invitation to spiritual practices. I asked them what they liked doing most in their off-time. The answer – Recovering, sleeping, chilling out – they cannot continue in their training without it, neither can we.

I’m currently reading A is for Abductive and I like it for the most part, also on the reading list:

The Younger Evangelicals
Digital Storytelling

God is good.