Last week I read one of
those verses that I’ve always just glossed over.  It is in Mark 7, the chapter where Jesus works with the
Pharisees on ‘toilet theology’. 
Jesus at a point in the conversation remarks that,

have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your
own traditions!” (v9)

The Greek word for "fine" is kalos – it can be translated as ‘well’ or ‘good’ or even ‘beautiful.
The Afrikaans translation uses the metaphor of art in this verse.  “You understand the art of putting the
words of God aside”.  Or the New
Living Translation – “You skillfully sidestep”.

uses sarcasm to note that the Pharisees have developed kalos methods to
sidestep what God has said.  This
is what Scot McKnight shows i
n his beautiful book “The Blue Parakeet”. 

all, like the Pharisees, have “a fine way”  to dodge the commandments of
God.  By not accepting this, one
becomes blinded to the methods we employ to ignore the words of God. Acceptance is the first step to not sidestep.

areas do you think you/we sidestep God in?